Thursday, May 23, 2024

Celebration of the Blues : JULY 13th at the Throckmorton

 Hey Everybody! 

We have a special show coming up on July 13th - a live album recording at The Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. 

Arne has been telling me for years that he's perplexed by the fact that he has been unable to capture what he feels is my strength - live performance -- so we are recording a live performance on July 13th, 2024 at The Throckmorton in Mill Valley. 

We will have some special guests as well, both Dave and Pat on guitar, with Roy Blumenfeld on drums, and the horns, Doug and Mike, so it should be a fun night! 

Please join us if you can. 





Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Next Show: June 8th in San Francisco, Free Download Codes for our Anti-Bully Song, OALAEHOAIS (Opinions)

 Hey Everybody! 

We had a great show on Saturday - thank you to everyone who was able to attend! 

We will be back at The Saloon in San Francisco on June 8th. 

Visit for free streaming of all tunes and if you want a free download, send me a message through there! 

Have a wonderful day. 



Thursday, May 16, 2024

Thursday Thoughts : Gigs in SF, Tiny Desk Update...

Hello Again! 

Heading into the weekend, here's what's on my mind: 

Saturday, May 18th  |  4 - 8 pm or thereabouts - we are back at The Saloon, 1232 Grant Avenue, San Francisco. We are going to try to put a blues spin on the new tune. 

Tiny Desk Update: Winner has been announced! It wasn't us, which is not a surprise to me, because given everyone's crazy schedules, with family and work/survival commitments, we barely had time to get together to make the video we made. We may enter again next year, but I have several videos to make between now and then. 

That said, I am a new fan of Philharmonik, love the song that won, and their video was very clever. A lot of folks in this video. Kudos to them all for their teamwork! Here's a link to the winning video.  I genuinely thrilled for Philharmonik! So much ahead for this talented young man! I'm getting a very Billy Preston vibe from him. Hope he gets to move out of his "Mama's House" soon. 

Upcoming dates in the summer: 

June 8th at The Saloon

July 6th at The Saloon

July 13th at The Throckmorton Theatre - this is going to be a video shoot. Come join us! 

July 31st at the Empress Lounge in Vallejo. We'll be celebrating Arne's birthday on this nite! It's early, too, so come on out! 

Random "Artsboretum" Update: 

Back in May of 2022, Marin County enacted a Reusable Foodware Ordinance, which goes into effect in November. The County is offering $599 grants to assist businesses with compliance. More info: HERE This legislation comes not a moment too soon, since plastic is choking our planet. I'm especially concerned about our oceans. 

Don Bassey is raising funds for his album! Check it out: 

That's it for now! 



Monday, May 13, 2024

Monday, Monday, May 13th

Hey Everybody! 

Music first: We will be at The Saloon this Saturday from 4 - 8 pmish. If you are in the 'hood, stop by! It's always a fun time and a much needed cathartic release. We have some magical moments! 

Speaking of fun and magical music moments, have you caught Eric Levy's "Same Old Blues" series? If you want to catch a glimpse of some marathon musicianship, check out his socials. he's crossposting on all his socials.

I hope you had a fun day yesterday, whether you chose to celebrate Mother's Day or not. I know the day can be a tricky one for some. As for me, I kept my mother's memory close, and spent the days with the "kids," While I did not personally birth any babies in this life, I somehow get to enjoy two really cute and smart grandkids on the weekend. So fun. 

I would share the cute drawing that our grandson made here, but my phone is charging, which seems to be a perpetual thing these days. I tend to hang on to tech things as long as I possible can before replacing them. It's as much a money thing as it is a resistance to that whole "planned obsolescence" set up that corporations engage in order to make us all keep buying more "stuff." They have to keep the machine going somehow. Sharing a video about that here, at this link (in case you missed it when a bunch of us first shared it on various social media outlets back in 2007.)  I'm still trying to hang onto my old car, to keep it out of the landfill.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! Enjoy your moments, no matter what you are doing. Be kind to yourself and let it flow around you. 



Friday, May 10, 2024

Friday Fun Stuff!

 Hey Everybody! 

Sending another note of gratitude out into the world, this time on a Friday. 

Go see live music! 

Seems that there are many things to do this weekend, here are but a couple in my 'hood: 

Saturday, May 11th : May Madness! My favorite hot rod show because it's local! Downtown San Rafael, event begins at 12:00 noon and the car parade is at 5 pm. Needless to say, Fourth Street will be closed for the event! 

Concurrently, Marin Open Studios is happening - I will be flitting about between my "studio" which is more like a storage unit at the moment, which I am working on clearing out. It would be a lot easier to just drop this stuff off at the dump, but in case you have missed the last few posts, I am calling it the "Landfill Diversion Arts Project" because my goal is repurpose a lot of these things. 

If you need something, visit Studio #18 at the MSA Gallery and Studios 1515 3rd Street, write me a note with your desired item, along with your contact info and budget (if you have one) and we'll hook up for the exchange! 

That's it for now. 

Be kind to yourself and everyone else. 



Monday, May 6, 2024

Monday Musings : 5/6/24

Hey Everybody! 

Thank you to the folks who have made OALAEHOAIS the most popular track so far on my Spotify account! Of course, the fact that it has a swear word (tame by today's standards, for sure) and has been given an "E" (for explicit lyrics) rating might have something to do with that. It is a catchy tune, I must say. Jimi and Arne did a great job on the arrangement. 

I'd venture a guess that given my current Spotify monthly subscriber count, I have had fewer than 1000 streams this past year, so that makes me ineligible for ANY sort of payout, like many other independent artists who do not have the benefit of the big machine or cannot afford to gig regularly for whatever reason, whether they be health or family, or band member availability, demons from childhood lurking in one's subconscious, or any other number of reasons.  

I am not complaining, just sharing information to curious folks!

If you wake up each day determined to bring your best into the world, whether that is music and/or anything else, my hat is off to you! 

That said, if you would like to support our music making efforts, you can choose to pay to download the track from Bandcamp, or come to a gig, send me an email for another method. 

Also, I will be at the Marin Open Studios at the MSA Gallery on May 11th, and we will be playing music in San Francisco's North Beach on May 18th at the usual place (The Saloon, 1232 Grant Avenue.) 

Thanks for reading! 

I hope you have the best day possible judged by your own standards, because what you think and feel is what counts most. Everything else is someone else's opinion, and if you have heard the song, you know how I feel about that. 



Friday, May 3, 2024

The Art of Making Music, and Letting Go!

Happy Bandcamp Friday, Everyone! 

What is Bandcamp Free Friday, you ask? Well, that is when Bandcamp waives its fees, so artists get more of a share of the revenue. 

If you have been waiting for Friday to purchase your downloaded copy of OALAEHOAIS - Here it is on Bandcamp : LINK - Please let me know if you have any tech issues. 

All the details are at the link, background, credits, etc. Thanks so much for your support, which helps us make more music! 

If you want a physical copy, go ahead and send me a note, and when we get enough interest, we will figure that out

You may listen to and/or purchase any previous releases here - I had to change a few things, so, thanks for your understanding. 



p.s. If you are in Marin, check out Marin Open Studios. So much talent! I'm not listed in the guide, because I am still clearing...but I will be at Marin Society of Artists Gallery, at least until July. 

graphic borrowed from Bandcamp...

For my audio fiend friends, this video came across my newsfeed about Dolby Atmos, so I thought I would share:

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

OALAEHOAIS : Bandcamp - Free Fridays!

 Hey Everybody! 

As promised, more on OALAEHOAIS  - 

Here it is on Bandcamp : LINK - Go ahead and give it a listen. Please let me know if you have any issues. 

All the details are at the link, background, credits, etc. 

Thanks so much! 



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