Monday, June 5, 2023

Saturday, June 10th, 4 - 8 pm

Once again, I will be singing to release many feelings, and to hopefully, give you an opportunity to feel some of your own. It seems that living in this world often requires that we shut off our feelings merely to survive. I can't accept that.

June 10th, 4 - 8 pm, The Saloon, 1232 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 

I wish you the best possible week until that moment you can spent a few hours with us, and then, we will allow our spirits to soar. 

If you have other plans, I understand, and will miss you. 



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Monday, May 22, 2023

Gig Recap - Save the Date!

  Hey Everybody! 

This weekend was an adventure. With twenty minutes remaining in our final set, in the midst of one of my favorite tunes, the PA started honking like a clown horn, and then produced the most horrendous siren. It was a bit crazy, because the band was really starting to gel on this gig - we were all relaxed and just playing. For a hot minute, I thought the band was so hot, it had set off the fire alarm! The show must go on, however, so Dave kindly let me plug into his amp, and we were able to finish the gig. Thanks to everyone who was there to support. 

Speaking of "the show must go on," the news is out that the Foo Fighters have revealed Josh Freese is their new drummer. Music heals! 

Last but not least for this post: 

Myron fixed the PA at The Saloon, so we hope to see you on June 10th, at 4 - 8pm! 

Hope you have your best possible day! Life is made up of moments. 



Thursday, May 18, 2023

Music, Art and a Parking Meter Protest in SF!

Hey Everybody! 

Dropping a note on the internet and hopefully past your spam filter into your inbox to give you a heads up about a few things: 

Singing this weekend! 4 - 8 pm at The Saloon 1232 Grant Avenue, Saturday, May 20th. Hope you can make it! I know parking has been challenging for many years in North Beach, even more so with the parklets, but when the weather is nice, it's fun to sit outside. Plus, carpooling is fun, and so is going to see live music with your friends! 

Speaking of parking in SF, please take a minute to send a note to the myopic brainiacs over at the SFMTA, who have decided that extending parking meter pay hours will - get this -- reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of times someone has to circle the block to find parking!? Talk about a stretch! I don't have the time to poke holes in every one of these ridiculous so called selling points, but it seems that some folks in power keep trying to make SF more like NY. NY is the BIG City, SF is the Little City, and we like it that way. It has already been overbuilt downtown, and it is time to convert some of those empty office downtown buildings into housing - not build 50 story towers in the midst of a single family home neighborhood! Search something like "SF 50 foot tower Sloat nursery" for more info on that ridiculous mess. 

Extended Meter Hours Project

Yes, since we are now on the subject of bad ideas, a lot of folks left last week's special San Rafael City Council meeting feeling extremely disappointed because a local builder, Monahan-Pacifc, received approval for their plan to build a seven -  eight story rectangular box on the West End of San Rafael. 

Although I was not surprised, it reminded me of that whole sidewalk fiasco. I lost count of how many of my former neighbors apologized to me for not getting more involved, because after it was built, they realized they were on the wrong side of that argument. It's really ugly, and there have been at least five accidents in a street that used to have a 100% safety record. It's hard to argue with people who have a limited ability to envision what something will look like, especially when they have been sold on something "for kids and seniors" using false information.

Anyway, the sidewalk was illegal, but thanks to some new YIMBY CA state density laws, developments that are way out of scale and will negatively impact the environment will be legally allowed to move forward quickly, without public process. These laws were sold to the public as a tool to increase our affordable housing stock, but have now morphed into a gift for real estate speculators, some who care only about maximizing profit and nothing about context, neighborhood sensitivity, or even decent design.  

I get the concept of pre-approved requirements, but these requirements to skip CEQA are too broad, have and not been properly thought out or clarified. Yes, many of us would like to see additional housing built, but prefer a more organic, gradual approach. Supposedly, construction costs have risen about 35% since before the pandemic, but how does that justify building 162 housing units on a lot where there used to be none? The only justification is greed and the desire to push your agenda with little consideration for anyone else. 

Thank goodness for music and art. Speaking of art, check this out, happening tonight - a film screen fundraiser for Artworks Downtown - an entity that understands the definition of "affordable housing." They need to raise money to fix some leaks in the building. 

It's not all bad - look for and support the good! 




Saturday, May 6, 2023

Marin Open Studios at Marin Society of Artists Gallery

Marin Open Studios at Marin Society of Artists Gallery 1515 3rd Street, San Rafael, CA 

11 - 6 pm May 6 & 7

My space is currently serving as a staging area for what I am calling "The Landfill Diversion Project." 

If you get it, you get it. 

Make you have the best possible day. 



Monday, May 1, 2023

Thank You and Save the Date

Thank you to everyone who joined in at The Throckmorton Theatre this past Saturday night to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Mill Valley Music. And, since it is Small Business Week/Month, go visit! If you don't live in the area, order something from Gary online. 
Back to the recap of the night - it was so fun to see folks dancing in the aisles and singing along!
There is actual video proof of my first public harmonica performance, which, truth be told,  was breathtaking! 
I mean that literally, from my perspective. It was fun, though!  I would not have had the courage to do that had it not been for the kind support and encouragement of my fellow bandmates - they helped me get past the mocking voices in my head that haunt me from time to time. Remnants of days past, but not forgotten. Not trying to elicit any sympathy here  but to pass on some encouragement. If there is something you feel like doing, as long as it won't hurt someone else, take a chance! 

Save the date : May 20th 4 - 8 pm
If you enjoy some good rockin' blues, come on down to The Saloon in San Francisco's North Beach and we will provide same for your dancing and listening pleasure! 

We are here for a short time on this earth, so let's be kind to each other. 


P.s. Marin Open Studios these next two weekends! I will be hanging out at the Marin Society of Artists at least the first weekend, maybe the second, depending upon how the first weekend goes...

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Saturday, April 29th in Mill Valley

Looking for something to do this Saturday, April 29th? 
Enjoy the music of The Rolling Stones? 
Want to join us as we celebrate a local small business that survived the pandemic AND sells vinyl records? 
Would you like to support a local non-profit theatre that brings world class entertainment to a little town tucked away in the redwoods? 

Then, get your tickets here: 

I'm singing a few while Danny O' Grady of the Eldon Brown Band takes the lead on most of the Mick tunes. And of course, I get to sing the Merry Clayton parts on Gimme'll be an adventure!

After we play the whole "Let It Bleed" album, Gary's band, the Marinfidels, follow with an extra set of additional Stones faves. I sing a couple of those as well...

Monday, April 24, 2023

Sincerest Thanks and...

 Hey Everybody! 

Thanks so much for this past Saturday at The Saloon in San Francisco's North Beach! I had a wonderful time and so did the Kings! We are doing our best to schedule a regular slot there, and will keep you posted when we get a confirmation of our next potential date. 

Here are a couple of things coming up on my calendar. If you find them of interest, maybe I'll see you there! :

As previously mentioned, I am taking part in the Mill Valley Music All Stars 15th anniversary celebration this coming Saturday, April 29th! This event usually sells out, so get your tickets here: 

Marin Open Studios : I will be at the Marin Society of Artists Gallery  - I am not singing at this event, so it will be a great opportunity to just chat and hang out and talk about art and life, etc. 

That is all for now. 

Have a great day! 



Saturday, April 22, 2023

Earth Day in North Beach!

 Hello All! 

Dropping a note in your inbox to say "hello" and to let you know that my friends and I are stoppin' by the old Saloon to play some tunes this afternoon! 

And, in the spirit of Earth Day/Weekend am happy to share that The Saloon has been recycling beer bottles for many of the 161 years in its existence! 

If you are in the neighborhood, come by and say "hi!" We will be there 4 - 8 pm.

Speaking of Earth Day, every day is earth day. 



p.s. - I copied and pasted the from my main blog, so I will add this additional nugget: 

I wish you the best day you can possibly have today. 

If that includes joining us in North Beach, great! if not. that's ok too. 

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