Monday, April 15, 2024

Saturday Show Recap and Save the Dates!

Hey Everybody! 

Mari here again, still buzzing from Saturday (still a bit tired, tbh) - which was a very fun show! We enjoyed a very appreciative crowd and it's always a treat when artist Ann Cohen stops by - she stopped by after hanging at Live Worms Gallery and drew us while we were in the midst of our first set

If you have never been, Live Worms Gallery is just up the street from The Saloon, in the former Figoni Hardware space - I get a twinge of longing every time walk by that spot, because I used to stop by and say "hi" to Mr. Figoni way back in the 90's, when I lived in North Beach. It was my favorite hardware store at the time, with all the wooden bins. It was amazing! But I am so thrilled it's an arts space now. 

Please save the dates -  

May 11th, 

June 8th,  

July 6th at The Saloon,  4-8pmish

July 13th, we have a gig at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, which will be a live album recording and video shoot.

July 31st - Empress Marquis Lounge, Vallejo

August 10th at The Saloon

Btw, in case you are wondering why we mostly only play The Saloon and not more often - that would take a book to explain, or at least a few more paragraphs than I care to spare at this moment, as I have not had my coffee yet, and my cutoff time for finishing this blog post is fast approaching.  Suffice it to say that Myron treats us like humans and the bar has backline for bass and drums. Plus, it's kind of like doing a world tour while staying in the same place, because every cross section of humanity comes though that door, from all around the country and the world. That said, we are slowly getting out and about! 

Thanks so much and please be kind to yourself and others.



Happening this Week: 

Tuesday, April 16th - 5 - 8:30 pm Birthday Party at The Saloon for Aries and Taurus folks! 

There will be cake! 

April 20th: 

RECORD STORE DAY! Go visit our friends over at Mill Valley Music

Restring Your Thing FUNdraiser at Loud and Clear in Cotati!  1 - 4 pm. I love these people! They love music, know how to pivot, and do nice things for the community! Maybe I will see you there, as I have a thing that needs restringing...?See photo for more details...

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