Thursday, April 27, 2023

Saturday, April 29th in Mill Valley

Looking for something to do this Saturday, April 29th? 
Enjoy the music of The Rolling Stones? 
Want to join us as we celebrate a local small business that survived the pandemic AND sells vinyl records? 
Would you like to support a local non-profit theatre that brings world class entertainment to a little town tucked away in the redwoods? 

Then, get your tickets here: 

I'm singing a few while Danny O' Grady of the Eldon Brown Band takes the lead on most of the Mick tunes. And of course, I get to sing the Merry Clayton parts on Gimme'll be an adventure!

After we play the whole "Let It Bleed" album, Gary's band, the Marinfidels, follow with an extra set of additional Stones faves. I sing a couple of those as well...

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