Monday, March 27, 2023

Monday Musing : Gratitude, Inspiration and a Redirect!

Hello Everyone!

Please allow me to share something that struck a chord with me this past weekend: Ethan Hawke's video TED talk on creativity from June/July 2020. Perhaps you have seen it already, but I just discovered it!  If you are curious and want to know more about why it took me almost two years to find this, keep reading...otherwise, feel free to skip my ramblings and scroll on down to the video. 

In June/July 2020, during the panic mode of the pandemic, I was working on a grocery store frontline. So I missed a lot of real time content that I would have happily watched and shared had I been stuck at home with most of the rest of the world. A bunch of my coworkers quit, and I honestly don't know why I didn't quit and just stay home to write songs. I seriously thought about it! Maybe I just have this need to be of service and that seemed the best way to do so at the time.  I worked there for a couple of years, then moved on and managed a stationery store for a little more than a year. I have been recently laid off from that job, which means it is simply time for another redirect. So, now I am searching for full time work that is a better fit for my background and skill set, a better fit for who I am, who I want to be and what I am best suited to do in this life. However, I am open and flexible! So, if you know someone who is hiring locally or remotely, please have them contact me directly or via LinkedIn - and thank you kindly for your consideration and referrals. I will be actively searching as well, you can bet on that. It is full tilt boogie time, kids, and I am not ready to retire -- 

All that said, if you haven't skipped to it already, the video about creativity is embedded below. Be sure to grab a hankie before you hit the play button, because you may find yourself crying joyful tears of release while watching, and or jumping off the couch screaming "YES!" That would, of course, depend upon how you react when someone is saying something you need and want to hear. 

Lest I forget -  Livin' Like Kings is back at The Saloon in San Francisco's North Beach on April 22nd, 4 - 8 pm. We are working some new tunes into the mix. If you are on Facebook and want to follow our live music comings and goings, join our Mari Mack and Livin' Like Kings group.  We are planning on gigging  maybe once or twice a month. We are all adults with bills to pay and families that need and want us to be close to home. No reason to pretend otherwise. If one of us hits the lottery, we may decide to gig until the money runs out. ;) 

Also,  on April 29th, I am joining my dear friends, The Mill Valley Music All Stars, for a reprise of our "Let it Bleed" tribute at the crown jewel, heart and soul of the downtown Mill Valley arts scene, 142 Throckmorton Theatre.  The ticket link is not up yet, but when it goes live, you should be able to find it here. Yay!  

Speaking of music, Thanks to a generous friend, we recently visited The Sweetwater to take in the Marcia Ball/Tinsley Ellis show. What a treat! If they bring their talents to your town, grab a ticket and just go. 

That is all for now. I hope you have the best possible day you can have, and spend it with someone you love and/or admire - if no one else is in your vicinity, then just make that person you!  


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