Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Thanks to everyone who came out last Sunday afternoon.
The band played well.
That makes me happy, as it is all about the music and the expression of emotion. Two sets seem to be much more manageable for the way I sing, so I guess we'll have to figure somethng out about that. Looking forward to someday playing venues big enough to handle Pat's rockin', soulful tones.

I heard Madonna is in town. Some folks may wonder why she's touring. She is touring because she wants to, and because she can.
Good for her. You go, girl.

As for me, I'm grateful to have found a day gig that is helping to keep a roof over our heads. 

On the music front, no new gigs as of this writing, no new tunes. They come to me when they come to me.
If you are curious, everything is on my bandcamp site. Please send me a message through that site if you have any questions. Or, you can find me on facebook or twitter.

Thanks for reading and listening, and I hope you have a wonderful day or night, whenever and wherever you may find yourself.




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