Friday, July 5, 2024

4th fun, Saturday 4-8, and My Substack...

Hey Everybody! 

A friendly reminder that we will be at The Saloon tomorrow from 4-8 pm!  Roy Blumenfeld will be our special guest on the drums for this date, and next week for the live album recording. 
Hope you enjoyed your 4th!
We sure did. Had a fun yet mellow day with Mara, Jesse, and the grandkids. 
Grateful for every moment. For some reason, this photo wants to post sideways. Given the political climate these days, that seems appropriate! 

Look, I have tried to stay silent about things besides music ever since that sidewalk mess and my failed attempts to run for office, but I cannot stay silent any longer. It's a long story, but I have started a substack. 

If you are tired of the BS biased media, follow me over there. 


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