Monday, April 8, 2024

This Weekend in SF

Hey Everybody! 

Hope this note finds you well and managing the up and downs of your every day life. 

You know the old saying "Every day is  gift, that is why we call it 'the present!'"

I wish you a wonderful week and remind you that we are playing music this coming Saturday, April 13th  - downbeat is about 4/4:30 pmish for anyone who wants to hear it and happens to be over 21 years old, because it is in The Saloon, 1232 GrantAvenue, San Francisco, CA 
Btw, I've found it extremely challenging to land that elusive steady day gig, so I'm excited to be focusing my efforts on my ol' Artsboretum project, and have a couple of things already in the works. Plus we have that fun single coming out at the end of this month. 
Spring is in the air, and it seems as if more people are opening their eyes and hearts, appreciating artists and musicians these days, I hope you all open your wallets enough to help them pay some bills. 
Speaking of paying some bills, I am still looking for work to finance these passion projects, or a willing patron...  ;) 
Be good to yourself  - you deserve it! 

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