Monday, December 25, 2023

War On Christmas; Practicing Forgiveness

After Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, the constant drone of news was streaming in our household. 
I shared my thoughts on the old Facebook, wondering if humans will ever learn to live in peace. This is something I used to think was possible, then impossible, and now, in the interests of my own sanity, try not to think about it much.  Instead, I just practice peace and do the best I can do with what I've got, as I still work on getting rid of things that I never wanted and do not need, while diverting as much of it out of the landfill as I can. 
Every once in a while, an inherited household item takes me on trip back in time and reminds me to practice forgiveness on a daily basis. 
Some things, however, seem unforgivable, such as the horrors of war. 

Some folks are living and dying due to a war on Christmas. Literally. 

Sending love out into the world. Heaven knows we all need it. 


p.s. I found this on facebook. One of my old high school friends shared it.


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