Sunday, November 1, 2020

Local Considerations

Hello Again, 

May this note find you in good health and good spirits. If you have not yet voted, please do so. If  you are local to Marin County, please consider the following candidates: 

Greg Knell for San Rafael City Council. He is a good guy and a musician, so he understands our point of view and will do what he can to support the arts in our community. 

Joe McGarry for Fairfax Town Council. Joe is an ally and an active anti racist. 

Vicki Nichols for Sausalito. Ignore the silly SNL skit from last week. Vicki values local history and has been active in civic matters for a long time. She is kind. 

Thanks for caring enough to engage. 

Keep wearing those masks. Spread love and kindness, not germs. 

And please don't worry. It doesn't help, and the stress lowers your immune system. 

Stay safe!



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