Friday, November 6, 2020

Awareness and Awakening

I feel as if we are awakening from a long nightmare and, if we are open to it, an awakening. 

As the votes get counted, and the United States of America moves on from this election, there will be questions that need answers and work that needs doing. For many of us, those questions are the same as they have been for years. 

Basic human needs must be satisfied before we can even consider secondary needs. That is, we want to get from surviving to thriving, but we must be patient or we will not survive. When I feel impatient, I remember, "Water on a rock."

As I have said before, the solutions are already here. They are all around for the sharing. Look inside for the answers. 

I'll spare you any long winded diatribes, and wish you peace of mind and love in your heart. 


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