Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Choices We Make Matter

It would make little sense for me to repeat information you could find elsewhere on the internet about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's incredible life. Instead, I'll offer some suggestions for simple actions you can take, should you feel motivated to do so. And I hope you do feel motivated, because when our country and our world is changing all around us, we bear a responsibility to take part in the process, to affect the things we can.

In addition to writing Mitch McConnell (simply to flood his office and to help the USPS, because he will likely ignore whatever you say,) write to every Republican Senator.  Let's flood their offices with quotes from 2016, when the Senate Majority Leader refused to allow a hearing for Merrick Garland's nomination. 
Let's flood their offices with RBG quotes. Let's flood their offices with our own thoughts. 
And let's donate to every Democratic Senate campaign who has a chance of winning. 
We must flip the Senate.

Send letters of encouragement and gratitude to our current representatives, those who have demonstrated commitment to principles of honesty, fairness, equal rights for all and stewardship of the planet, for clean water and air in our communities. 

If you have the will and the additional resources, donate to those who have absolutely no chance, because we need to support people who simply have the guts to run. Eventually, that investment will pay off.
 We need to encourage more everyday people to become engaged in our civic processes. Because in order to truly represent the people, this government of "we the people" needs US.  


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