Tuesday, June 4, 2024

June and July Dates

Hey Everybody! 

Happy Pride to all my friends who celebrate! I don't know why more people can't just love each other. 

Sending along this note to let you know that we are once again bringing our brand of soulful blues to The Saloon in San Francisco this Saturday, from 4 - 8 pm! I'm happy to say that I kicked that nasty cold that is going around - still feeling a bit tired, but I'll be rested up by Saturday and ready to go...

How are you doing? Strange times, isn't it? I'm finding myself a bit baffled by the political dimension. It's as if we are living in an alternative reality. The same people who are claiming that President Biden masterminded DT's prosecution as a political strategy are claiming that he is too old to do his job at POTUS. You have got to be kidding me. The real danger is having that criminal back in the Oval Office. Of course, one of the people who keeps harping on that talking point is also running for president as an independent, although he hasn't a chance of doing anything but taking votes that should be going to Biden. And before you start thinking "...but Mari, you did the same thing..." That was different. I signed up in the Democratic primary, and although I knew I had no chance (for many reasons) I wanted to get a view of the process. For one thing, I found out that it is a definitely not a DIY endeavor - let's just put it that way. But I got some folks thinking about things, that's for sure, because one of the candidates (initials EMS) laid out a defense of the process after I blogged about being shut out of a San Francisco CADEM event. I understand that I am too much for some people and not enough for others, and maybe that is because I have a hard time dealing with bulls*t. (shrug)

But I digress. Enough of voting blue, and let's get back to the blues.  I'm sharing the entire Saloon calendar here with the hope you will go out and support as many live shows as you can. The Saloon is such a hoot, especially in the summer, when folks from all over the world come to visit! 


Speaking of blues shows, here is the ticket link for our July Celebration of the Blues "big band" show at The Throckmorton Theatre

Pat Duffey will be back in the Kings' lineup us for the next few gigs! The two guitar thing is a treat, especially when you consider the variety in Pat's and Dave's musical training. Pat is coming from an R&B and Rock place, and Dave approaches the tunes from more of a jazz vein and...they have so much fun together, and it makes for a wonderful interplay. 

 In July, Martin will be out of town, so Roy Blumenfeld is sitting in on the "Livin' Like Kings" drum throne in July - both for the 13th, and for the July 6th at The Saloon. If you don't know who Roy is, he is a bit of living legend, as he was in the original Blues Project back in the day.  We are recording the show for possible a live album release. I explained all that in a previous post. Hope you can make it - it will feel like a big, fun party - kind of like a homecoming. It's been a rough few years, for so many of us. 

But, we still have the music! 



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