Thursday, March 14, 2024

Going Into the Weekend...More Blues!

Hey Everybody! 

We don't have any gigs this weekend, but we are going to see Roy at The Sweetwater, and in the meantime, I'm working on cleaning up that mess the water made in our space. Ah, life - so full of surprises!  I won't bore you with the details at the moment - let's just say that it is usually best to speak up when you believe you are correct about a hunch. Unfortunately, some people don't listen because their previous experiences cloud their judgement! This can cause undue hardship for themselves and people in their circle. That said, it's nice not to have to jump over a puddle in our home studio any more. 

Anyway, I recently applied to a steady gig that I actually want and can see myself doing on a daily basis. I tend to do best with a routine. I want to immerse myself in music and community. 

My relationship to music has been a tenuous one at times, and thanks to many hours of self reflection, I have figured out why. It has to do with my relationship to my dad. More on that when I have time. 

The task list is growing. So much catching up to do...

Have a great weekend! 



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