Monday, February 5, 2024

Saturday, February 10th show, Grammys Recap?

Hello Everyone!

First, thanks for reading. I had planned to share my latest gig between gigs adventure, then planned to give you a Grammys recap, except we were actually livin' the new Billy Joel song, as our power was out yesterday. 
You may have heard about the atmospheric river we've been experiencing. 
Plans got changed and we enjoyed some screenless family time. The spouse was very happy about that!
We filled the time well:
 I indulged in some paper crafts with our grandson, until he and his grandpa donned some boxing gloves, then the uncle showed up after picking up dinner to save his sister a trip down the hill, so we ate. After dinner, conversations, baby cooing, a delayed gift exchange and then we played the board game of Life - where paydays are irregular and whoever has the most money wins. Hmm.

In the music department,
we got together with the band on Saturday and they worked up some addtional instrumentals in order to allow me to pace myself a bit better during those three one hour sets over a four hour period. 
I'm really pleased with how the band is coming together, so we hired an agent to see about getting us some more gigs, while I spend some time working on getting our social media organized and putting together artwork for the single and album.
Speaking of three one hour sets, we have a gig coming up on Saturday, February 10th - you can guess where - at my dear friend Myron's place. 
The Saloon
1233 Grant Avenue
San Francisco
4-8 pm

Wishing you all a wonderful Year of the Dragon. 

Hope to see some of you soon. 

p.s. Please pardon typos. I wrote this on my phone. 

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