Monday, October 16, 2023

Soul Connection

 Hi All, 

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us on Saturday. 

I am still buzzing all over from the soul connection that can only come from these moments that we are able to share the joy of music with you all. I am so grateful.  

Dave and Pat were having so much fun playing off each other, they complemented each other so well. I did miss Richard's mellifluous tones, but he had to be out of town for this one. 

Not sure if we will ever be able to do that again, but it sure was fun. So much fun. The interactive response with the audience was so overwhelming at times, Arne was laughing out loud. 

We all need more of this - soul connection -- so, we are working on making more of these types of moments. 

Share some joy and kindness whenever and wherever you can, OK? 

I wish you the best week ever. 




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