Wednesday, August 9, 2023

It's a Personal Journey

 Hello Again, 

Today marks a year since my mother's passing from this earth. I choose to hold the decades of memories in their complete spectrum of light and dark, good and bad, sorrow and joy. Today, I will light a candle to her remembrance and do my best to live the rest of my life as fully and completely as is possible. I will follow my bliss and honor my soul's desire to give my natural born gifts and acquired skills to their highest purpose! I will watch the flowers bloom, taste the food and thank our pollinators in the process. 

I wish the same for you. 



That said, Saturday, my friends Livin' Like Kings and I will be playing music for you from 4 - 8 at The Saloon in North Beach. It's low key, so come as you are, and please be kind to yourself and those around you. 

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