Monday, May 22, 2023

Gig Recap - Save the Date!

  Hey Everybody! 

This weekend was an adventure. With twenty minutes remaining in our final set, in the midst of one of my favorite tunes, the PA started honking like a clown horn, and then produced the most horrendous siren. It was a bit crazy, because the band was really starting to gel on this gig - we were all relaxed and just playing. For a hot minute, I thought the band was so hot, it had set off the fire alarm! The show must go on, however, so Dave kindly let me plug into his amp, and we were able to finish the gig. Thanks to everyone who was there to support. 

Speaking of "the show must go on," the news is out that the Foo Fighters have revealed Josh Freese is their new drummer. Music heals! 

Last but not least for this post: 

Myron fixed the PA at The Saloon, so we hope to see you on June 10th, at 4 - 8pm! 

Hope you have your best possible day! Life is made up of moments. 



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