Monday, September 12, 2022

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us out on the Mill Valley Plaza yesterday. This particular gig has been a long time coming, as we booked it back in April and I got hit with the dreaded Covid bug about a week after my mom left this earthly plane. I guess the sadness and the stress of the whole ordeal lowered my immune system just enough to let it get me, and it definitely got me. Thankfully I did not require hospitalization -- just rest, Vitamins C and D, and a gallon of soup, lovingly prepared by my son in law. Arne was quadruple vaxxed and he walks a lot, so he managed to evade it altogether. Knock wood on that one. 
Anyway, I wasn't at full capacity, but thought it went well! The band members (Arne, Pat, Richard and Martin) have been working hard to tighten up and the Doug and Mike on horns added the just the right amount of spive to the mix 
Most of all, it felt good to release all that love and music in the air on such a solemn date in our history. Every September 11, the memory of my mother dancing with Angel Pena at my Aunt Patti's wedding  is front of mind, as he perished in the Twin Towers on that tragic day. 
Ok,  I have to go now. I am working my straight job all this week (that's what musicians call our non-musical gigs) and am grateful for the opportunity; the environment is cheerful and the people are kind. 

If all goes well, I will catch up with you on Thursday. 

Until then, I wish you the best. 


Next gig: October 7th at San Anselmo Town Hall  (with a special guest guitarist subbing for the traveling Pat Duffey.)

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