Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday Feels

Hey Everybody!

Feeling an extra dose of gratitude on this Friday, as I survived a week in the new day gig shift! Woohoo!
I can sense many of us surfing waves of emotion. These could be grief, anxiety, sadness, guilt, numbness, boredom, or joy -- or perhaps a mixture. These feelings are to be expected during such uncertain times, and some of us have been around long enough to have survived some pretty awful things, so we are a bit calmer. Feel free to consult an elder for advice, comfort, or just to call to say "Hello" or "Thanks."

Same goes for you younger folks trying to navigate the waters of a "music career" or whatever you want to call it these days.

Here is some unsolicited advice:
Talent is only a small part of it. At least that has been my experience. Your results may vary.
The way I see it, family comes first, and that includes friends. That is, unless they become psychic vampires or abusive - best to take a break, and love them from a distance for a while.
Passion is an engine that drives anything we do.
Our abilities are steps on the path.
Teachers and lessons to.learn are all around us.
Use your best judgement, follow your heart.
Savor the good moments -- life is precious.
Always treat people with kindness.



p.s. Save the date: June 6th
Arne will be particpating in a panel discussion about his work with Clare Fischer and Prince.
For more information, look up PRN Alumni Foundation.

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