Thursday, April 2, 2020

Throwback Thursday and Progress

Heads up: this is a late night, early morning rant. Like many of you, I found it difficult to sleep tonight. Like many of you, I have to report to work early this morning and place my life at risk for a paycheck. A paycheck that does not cover my rent. Partly due to AB5, and partly due to Covid-19, I lost the other income that helped us make ends meet. I am not complaining, just explaining; giving you context. We will figure it out. That is what we do.

I enjoy the facebook memories feature. I found this post from 2017, and it is still relevant, so I feel like sharing:

"I still see too many of us pointing blame. Blame  does not bring us to any good place.
We have Bernie supporters blaming Hillary and the mainstream media for ignoring the magnitude of Bernie supporters, for not understanding what so many people were saying, for not stepping aside or at least offering him the VP slot.
We have Hillary supporters blaming Bernie for running at all, for hijacking the party, for denying women the right to see ourselves represented by a woman in the highest office in the land.
And then we have the people who voted blaming the people who did not vote, the people who didn't vote blaming the people who voted for Trump. As long as we are divided, the robber barrons will rape the women and the land, and we all lose.
"One nation, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all."
The only way that will happen is if and when we unite about what has value and what does not have value. Clean water and air has value.
Freedom to live our lives in peace and freedom to choose who we love, who to marry has value.
What works for me is to channel anger and frustration into positive action. My default coping mechanism is music.
When I cannot find the words, music speaks for me.
Thanks for reading my rant. (Pardon my cut and paste from below.)"

Since this is my "music blog," I will insert a relevant link to my music, with two versions of Indivisible...

Btw, I am still technically running for President. It is an act of love for my country and an act of love for my fellow past, present and future citizens of this country. To some, it may seem strange to be running for President when hardly anyone knows who you are/ I am, save for a couple of hundred (if that) blues fans and several hundred voters in Marin County, who showed faith in my ability to serve as Supervisor in 2016. I did not run in that race to win. I ran as a spoiler candidate, to knock Wendi Kallins from winning It was nothing personal. I felt that we needed a more compassionate leader, and I did not appreciate her fascist tactics during that sidewalk mess.

That said, to me, it makes sense.

Also, please let me explain that I am not running against Joe Biden. I am running alongside him and FOR him and my fellow citizens of this unique and beautiful country. I am not even running against Bernie Sanders, although I am fairly disappointed in him at the moment. There was a time I was running alongside him, much akin to the way a rally team runs toward a fellow team member (in this case, a fellow citizen of democracy) hand outstretched, ready for him to release the baton. But now, I am running toward him, to snatch that baton out of his hand, because he is not releasing the baton.
He is not releasing the baton because his campaign is NOT about the people, it appears to be about his ego.

Bernie is not the originator of "not me, us" - my impression is that someone on his staff lifted that phrase from somewhere. If not my facebook page, somewhere else. It was marketing, not authenticity.

How do I know this? Because his actions do not align with his words.

Now, if you have ever run a rally race, you understand that in order to win a race, it takes a mixture of talent, teamwork and timing.

That is how I see it at this moment in time.

Think about it.

Be well.



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