Monday, January 13, 2020

Music and "Stuff"

Hello All,

So much to share, so little time. It is not easy to swim long distances when you are doing the dog paddle, just trying to keep your head above water. Whatever you are working through at this moment, think on that one for a minute, and give yourself a hug and a breather. 
Music happenings:

Sunday, January 18th is a tribute to Lisa Kindred at The Sweetwater in Mill Valley. It's a benefit for RDSHP and Center for Domestic Peace, two of Lisa's favorite orgs. I guess we had more in common than the blues and The Saloon. I am not officially on the bill, but have been invited to sit in, and am going to do my best to make it after my work shift.  Lisa Kindred Tribute facebook event

Speaking of The Saloon, I regret to inform you that we have to cancel our February 7th Livin' Like Kings show. Arne cannot play bass at the moment, and, as you may or may not already know, the main reason we formed that band was to play music together. So, please accept our apologies. If you want any more details, talk to him about it. I guess we will be concentrating on more recording in the near future, as we can only adapt to change the best way we know how.  I am still running for POTUS, despite the fact that my husband is not too thrilled with the idea, but he does keep saying "Show me the money!" That is because he understands the current reality of our political system. 

That said, coming up, another show with my Mill Valley Music All Star friends on February 8th at The Throckmorton Theatre. It will be another fun night of Rolling Stones tunes, and I get to stretch my chops in tribute to Merry Clayton and Lisa Fischer.  Come on by and sing along. Expecting this one to sell out, so don't wait to get your tix!

Be kind to yourself and it will spill out into the world.


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