Monday, September 16, 2019

Close the Camps Choir Recap, Shows 10/11, 11/3

Hey Everybody!

Hope this moment finds you well and happy and/or filled with gratitude! If you are reading this, chances are, you are among the most fortunate, in many ways!

As for me, I am plugging away, seeking more paid work, paid gigs, while attempting what some would say is "impossible" but I believe in miracles, and you should too, because you are a miracle. We all have gifts to give this world. We all have powers, so let us use them for good, ok?

This weekend, Arne and I did our best to help with "Close the Camps Choir Protest" I posted pics on my facebook page. Look it up and make some calls.

Next shows:
10/11/19 - Saloon 9:30 pm
11/3/19 - Rancho Nicasio 4 pm


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