Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday Morning Musings! 3/29/2017

Hey All!
Writing this on my phone, so it will not be my most articulate musing. Disclaimers aside, hope this note finds you well and happy. Just think, this time last year I was running for Supervisor! My husband thought I had lost my mind, and maybe he was correct about that, but everything is temporary... so enjoy the good and find comfort in knowing "this too shall pass." 
Expressing gratitude for this day. We have made it through another rough patch and are ready and raring to move onto another adventure!

ICYMI - I was able to talk Arne into sitting in the dark with me while played "Indivisible" via facebook live during EarthHour  on Saturday. Had a few hiccups (thanks to wifi weirdness,) but we managed to giggle our way through it. Here it is :
Speaking of "Indivisible" - it won "best song" in the monthly WCSA contest! Woohoo. 

Groovy guy Larry Vann, who I met through the Fenix Band blues jam about four years ago and has played with LLK a couple of times, just had surgery and will not be able to work for at least the next six weeks.
Here's his crowdfund campaign link :
please feel free to share.
Speaking of the Fenix blues jam, Arne and I will be sitting in for the first set of the jam on Wednesday, March 29th. Craig Caffall will be hosting, playing guitar and singing with Roy Blumenfeld on drums. Fenix Band was scheduled to play that date, but had to cancel due to Larry's surgery.
For my late night friends and family on the East Coast, you should be able to stream it.
Also, please save the date : April 8 - we are back at The Saloon ! It's all about relationships, friends.
Be kind to yourself and allow it to flow to others.

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