Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Morning Musings : 2/20/2017

Hey Everybody!

Happy Presidents' Day or Unpresidents Day or #NotMyPresident 's Day!
I guess it depends upon your point of view, your perspective or perhaps a combination of the two.
As for me, I declare this to be a "happy spend the day in my pajamas as I listen to the rain on the skylight day!"
"Happy to be alive day!" (I start every day out this way.)
"Grateful for music day!" (Again, I start out every day this way...)
Speaking of music, I'm still beaming from taking part in the 9th Mill Valley Music Anniversary celebration at the Throckmorton this past Saturday. So much fun, a great bunch of people playing music together in a gem of a theatre in the heart of our sweet little town. One of our former neighbors (who has since moved to Santa Fe and was in town for a visit) said "it felt like old Mill Valley to me." I know what she meant and it was a great compliment.
I was a guest and sang lead on only a couple of songs, but it was just enough to remind me of all the musical projects inside me just waiting (perhaps too patiently) to be born into the world. As soon as I am done writing this note, I will be sketching out some plans to bring those ideas to life. And yes, there will likely be horns.

Since we are making up our own holidays, it is also "Thrilled to start a new full time job tomorrow day!" Yes, it's true! Needless to say, things are looking up. This all started because I decided to take action and then decided to follow up on that action. There is more to the story, but we'll save that for another time.

Which brings us back to this moment. This moment is all we have.

I hope you find a way to make it as great and as loving as only you can.


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