Monday, November 14, 2016

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Hello Everyone,

Well, it certainly has been a rough week. I guess you already know what happened last Tuesday, so need to go over all that.
I found myself in tears for all the women and little girls who were very excited at the prospect of us electing our first woman president.
Saturday Night Live did a great job expressing the sorrow, shock and abject horror as millions of people all over the world watched a large portion of our population vote a con man/sociopath to be the leader of the free world.
People are marching in the streets to protest as the politicos sit at desks and just talk about it as it's another day at the office. My outer California girl is once again in conflict with my inner Jersey girl -- part of me wants to hug everyone and the other part wants to run somebody over with a garbage truck. Well, maybe one or two of those hack able voting machines.
Seriously though, on election night people in Germany held a candlelight vigil as they mourned "the death of America." As some of our neighbors met downtown. One of my favorite locals, a gal named Kate who is  Brit, said it felt "like someone died."
Not kidding.

What really baffles me is one million people are talking about the electoral college, wanting to abolish it, and most people have no idea what it is or does.
Here's some info for the curious :

I've read it several times.
A petition asking the electoral college to vote Hillary has passed 4 million signatures

 I hope you can join us as we play some blues for you. Music heals the spirit.


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