Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekend musings : 8/12/2016

Hey Everybody!

Hope this email finds you well and happy or on your way to either and/or both!

Crazy times out there, isn't it? Thank goodness for music and the Olympics to serve as beautiful and inspirational alternatives to the negativity and insanity if this political arena. Watching the news makes me even more grateful that we collectively decided to elevate the discourse our Marin Supervisor race. In case you missed it, I did not place in the runoff. If you want more info, please refer to a previous post. I managed to mangle yet another laptop and I'm on my iPad mini, squinting and typing with one finger.

We don't have any gigs coming up thus weekend, but I do have a couple of shows to tell you about that you might want to check out.
Tonight, Jesse Brewster is playing with a full band at the Rancho Nicasio - 8pm. Hope to see you there. Jesse is a talented and prolific songwriter and he has surrounded himself with great players and singers.
Saturday, Fairfax is the place to be as a bunch of talented locals will be celebrating Tom Finch's birthday at Peri's. Tom is a great guy and a great player - we met in the late 90's when Sam Andrew plucked me out of North Beach to sing a couple of gigs with Big Brother.
Tomas D and the Sundown Gang will be hitting the stage at 19B 17 Broadway - they are great and getting better each time they play. Tomas is writing some great songs!

Last but not least, today is the one year anniversary of "Can't Go Back" being added to
Pandora! Woohoo! You can see that it has made a HUGE difference in my career !

Just kidding. I know better than anyone that I haven't exactly been hustling my career these past few years. Maybe more than a few. When I look back on my life, I see a pattern - that whenever I had to choose between career or relationship, like most women, I chose the relationship.

No regrets.


ps : I tried to attach the Pandora link but the iPad is requiring that I download the app first and I only have a couple of minutes before I have to publish this post.

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