A woman of many diverse life experiences. Born in NJ, moved to NY in her early 20's, has lived in Northern California for 30+ years. 
Advocate for a more peaceful, more organic world.
Learning every day. 
"I understand that some folks might not fully understand some of the things I do, but most usually catch on about 10 - 15 years later." 

If we want to create a beautiful world, start from the inside. 
Inside our hearts, inside our minds, inside our country. 

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Mari Mack in Gregg's Eggs : 2001


" absolutely stellar singer..." 
                    Sheila Groves, Notable Talent
"...a huge talent..."
                   Atma Anur
"Mari Mack Tamburo is stellar !!"
                    Jeffrey Halford ( Jeffrey Halford and the Healers, referring to the cut "Can't Go Back" on the "Made in Mill Valley" CD)

"....the band's best asset...a sensual powerhouse..." 
                    Mick Skidmore, Relix magazine 

"...considerable vocal chops..." 
                    Paul Liberatore, Marin IJ

"You can SANG... Mari Very Mackish indeed..."
                   Narada Michael Walden

" I feel as if we've discovered a treasure..."
                   Angela Strehli

"You're the real deal..."
                   Tom Corwin (Mostly Dylan)

"An incredible singer...
                   Pat Campbell 

"...a great, great singer..." 
                   Noah Evans 
                  (recording engineer, son of Gil Evans)

"One of the most beautiful voices...
                  Linda Imperial

"Get up there, you belong on that stage..."
                  Joe Louis Walker 

"And OMG, Mari Mack torched the paint off the walls. Soooooo good."
                  Deborah Grabien, (The Sound Field)

"Great show..."
                  Dan Hicks (after the June 4. 2014 show with Big Brother and the Holding Company)

 "I grabbed your CD, Can't Go Back, to listen on my drive to work last week. What a wonderful voice and superb music on that CD. Gotta get out and see you soon and get the new one. You rock, woman!"   Maureen Parton

"Mari... thank you and "livin' like kings" for all the heart you brought to the men last night at the Father Alfred Center for Bread & Roses through your powerful and authentic songs."

                   Marian Hubler, Bread and Roses

"I dug it..." 
                  Mighty Mike Schermer

"MARI MACK ... I don't like your 'CAN'T GO BACK' CD. I LOVE IT! 
OMG. I don't know you. I don't know your work. I know nothing about you. We met on the street, on Throckmorton Ave in Mill Valley. You were looking for a quarter to plug the meter, I rolled down my car window and made a comment about the artwork on your outrageous jeans. We talked long enough to exchange a quarter and your CD. Now that I have heard you, I CAN'T GO BACK !!! Incredible voice and style and hot band behind you! Good luck with your new CD! I know I'm spreading the word!"  Sonam from the Santa Cruz Mountains."

Livin' Like Kings:
Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings is a soulful blues rooted rock band from Northern California formed by Mari Mack (vocals) and Arne Frager (bass.) The pair met in 2000 when she arrived at the legendary Plant Studios in Sausalito to record an album with jam band Gregg's Eggs, an offshoot of local favorites Zero. After closing The Plant in 2008, Arne finished producing her first solo album "Can't Go Back." He then dusted off his Fender bass and set about handpicking players to form a band around this powerhouse singer who can belt out the blues and classic rock or soothe you with one of her soulful original tunes.
MMLLK draws influence from artists ranging from Albert King, Freddie King, BB King, Carole King, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Traffic and many more.

Mari started singing as a toddler, indoctrinated with love for jazz and big band by her father; blues, rock, gospel and r&b from her older siblings. Before the age of 18, she was paying her dues, singing rock, r&b and blues in clubs all over the NY area. After a post-gig auto accident that totaled her car and left her without a scratch, she thanked her lucky stars and took it as a sign to make a change in her lifestyle. "I was very lonely, my family was fractured and my mom lived out in San Francisco, so I packed my bags and headed out west. I figured that I would just stay there for a few weeks and then head down to LA to make films, but that never happened, because I met Johnny Nitro in North Beach!"

Mari performed at with Big Brother and the Holding Company in June 2014 at a sold out show at Yoshi’s in San Francisco. Here is what BAM Magazine had to say: “...(Mari) Mack gave a powerful performance with “Ball and Chain,” hitting high notes I’m not sure even Joplin could have reached.”

Mari Mack's debut EP “Can't Go Back” was produced by Arne Frager at The Plant Studios in Sausalito and is available on Bandcamp. iTunes, and all major online music retailers.
The title track was featured on "Made in Mill Valley," a benefit CD for the Richard DeLone Special Housing project.

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